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EXFit allows you to maximize your gym workout efficiency. We have gathered professional athletes’ widely used techniques, knowledge, and experience about how to organize a workout.

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Key features that will make your workouts the most effective and progressive.

Effective home training

Effective training

Uncover full potential of any exercise using advanced video instructions and comprehensive information about exercise technique. Use many years of professionals experience in one app.

adjustable workout

The most adjustable fitness app

Adapt any training plan to your needs and capabilities. Create personal workout plan based on your own preferences. Get the most out of your workout.

Support and instruction exercise

Your performance under control.

Track your exercise progress. Monitor all your body changes including weight, fat percentage and muscle volume. Reach your goals faster.

Amazing Features

EXFIT gathered all the knowledge about fitness in order to make playing sports
as effective and interesting as possible.

Change any workout

Now you can adjust any workout according to your preferences: replace exercises, rest time, sets amount or lifting weight.

Advanced workouts

Complex workouts are available to you, including supersets, dropsets and circuit trainings. Take all of your workout!

Create your own

Build your personal training plan using EXFIT workout constructor.
Your workout - Your rules.


Changes under control

Track full your body changes to be able to quickly make changes to the training plan.

Training statistics

Get complete statistics of your workouts. Monitor your progress on your favorite exercises.

Smart fitness advisor

EXFIT analyzes your performance and suggests changing the exercise, weight or the intensity of your workout.

The most effective way to achieve your fitness goals
Watch an example of our video instructions for exercises

ExFit Workout trainer app

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course you can create a superset in the app. Moreover, you're able to include a few drop-sets into your training and indicate a different weight for each repeat. The rest timer is also available to set for each repeat and exercise.

In EXFIT you can track the following measurements:

  • body weight
  • body fat
  • muscle volume
  • lifting weight

When you track your changes EXFIT offers you changes according to your private goals and based on your workout performance. For example, if you lose weight slower than expected - app offers to change the meal plan and workout intensity.

At the end of each set or exercise, you can mark how much reps did you do and was this exercise too hard. Using this data and information about rest time, the sequence of exercises in training for the same muscle group, the app analyzes your performance to provide the workout that the most suits you.

More benefits

Find out how an EXFIT can help you train more efficiently and reach your goals faster.


EXFIT has combined the experience of thousands of people. Best fitness practices were used when building training plans.

User Friendly

Even complex functionality must be made clear. We know about this and are guided by this rule when creating new features.

Exercise notifications

During the workout, the application notifies that the rest time is running out. This will help maintain the intensity.


EXFIT explains the correct technique for performing the exercise as clearly as possible.

Flexible settings

We created the app so that you be able to change any workout settings according to your wishes.

Control even small changes

Now you can track your progress, body changes, and strength in detail by analyzing the dynamics of weight changes in exercises.


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  • FREE
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  • Per Month
  • 3 workouts per plan are available
  • Tracking up to 5 favorite exercises
  • List of exercises
  • Workout statistics
  • Lifting weight analysis
  • Body changes tracking once a month
  • $9.99
  • Per Month
  • Create your own Workout
  • All training plans available
  • Weight tracking
  • Unlimited favorite exercises tracking
  • Customize base Plan
  • Change lifting weight of the exercise
  • Private statistics
  • Tracking personal parameters and goals
  • Unlimited body changes tracking

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